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Dear Friend,  

No matter how you found my website - your life is about to change, forever.  

No matter if you know me as the guy who coached over 300 entrepreneurs or simply as this practical advice guy from YouTube - what I’m about to share with you, will (positively) shock you.  

There is one thing that you probably don’t know about me.  

I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment to finally be able to revolutionize the education system worldwide.  

This is why some time ago, I formulated a mastermind - an environment where practical knowledge is exchanged. It’s a vault of pure gold.

You see, as a lot of things seem obvious to me now - it hasn’t always been that way.

In fact, I used to be this broke 9-5 employee and university drop out with big dreams & not much experience to turn them into the reality.

So, I went all in no matter my sh**ty circumstances and started working on my very own business. It took me a lot of time & I made plenty of mistakes.  

In 2015, after trying more than 5 different businesses, the first one finally worked out for me. It was a digital marketing agency. You probably already know this, because I was one of the first humans on Earth to turn online freelancing into a 6-figure income agency business model. As it turned out to be a success, I left my corporate job and moved out from cold, wintery Europe, all the way to this sunny paradise that you can see on this picture →

However, I didn't retire. As the meaning of my life is to help humans get unchained from corporations and univeristies to achieve their full potential - I decided to document this process to help others copy my business results.

Holy sh*t! In 2016 I recorded a YouTube video and it quickly got more than 200,000 organic views. I was honestly surprised on the success of my tutorial. In retrospection, the reason for this success was simple: it offered advice that actually worked -which is unfortunately, something unusual online.

As you browse videos, you must have came across all those shady marketers who offer zero value on their channels. The fact that you are on this page and that you are reading these words means that you found my advice more truthful and practical. So, I want to thank you for this! I often receive messages from my viewers saying: 

"Thank you Matt, I've implemented your advice and it actually worked!"

This really keeps me going. And you know what's funny? To get all those views on my videos I never had to rent a luxurious house in Hollywood or New York City nor I had to lease sport cars to show off. People've watched my videos organically because they are full of truth & actionable steps. They were genuinely useful and honest. Surprise, surprise - bringing actual value to others comes back like karma and gives you a multiplied amount of value back.

As my YouTube channel blew up to nearly 10,000 subscribers I was offered to help mentoring people in a coaching company. I worked for them as a coach for 2 years for free as I was absolutely fascinated by helping people reaching their full potential. As a result of this collaboration, I was offered to become an influencer for this company and hired my best friend to follow me around the world with a camera. This meant that I had to start taking more fancy pictures with girls such as this one. The model at the right will become my wife 2 years later.

Through our influencer marketing, within 1 year we got over 100 high ticket mentees for this company and generated the revenue of over half-a-million dollars. On the picture you can see an interview we had at MindValley →

Even though it was a very profitable venture, it turned out that the core values of that coaching company were not in line with mine. They believed in getting the most profit for themselves, whereas I believe in getting the most profit for my customers. 

I quit this collaboration and focused on my other businesses: my agency and my newly started international food import & export company that just got it's first $50,000 container order**. My best friend decieded to start his explainer video agency that now reaches $100,000 in monthly revenue***.

As time passed, I continued documenting all processes that brought me success and I asked successful friends of mine to do the same. We started meeting during weekly group calls to support each others businesses. 

We started inviting more successful people to this group. One of our friends, left his managerial position at head quarters of Google to as he've put it "escape the golden cage" and join our group. Another friend left European Commission and became legal advisor for our group. Then another one left J.P. Morgan & Chase bank to start his business. The snowball started snowbolling and I couldn't believe what was going on! 

We started exchanging all the best pieces of knowledge we gathered from working at tech, finance and communication giants, all the best knowladge on running governments and big companies. Our companies started booming mainly because at that time each of us possesed the knowledge of the whole. 

We'e realized that none of us is as smart as all of us. 

We turned our group calls into an organized structure, where we scheduled mastermind calls on different topics - Sales, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Hiring, Management, Marketing, Alternative Lead Generation Methods, Automation and so on and so forth.

Then we've started recording those calls and collecting all the best pieces of knowledge in a massive database - our secret vault that only members are allowed to access.

As our businesses (and lifes) grew, we decided to give back to the community and open our secret group to aspiring entrepreneurs who are where we used to be a few years ago. We named it Tribal Mastermind - because it's about the bond within a small group of people (who aim for a similar goal).

So, What's The Best Business To Start In 2020?

It depends on the market demand, your skills, passions and the past results of people simmilar to you. We have the market data and past member results but to find the right match we must get to know you. Think of this as of Tinder for matching with a business model that you will love.

Unlike in other programs, in Tribal Mastermind we don't push you to start one cookie cutter business (just because we are so good at this particular one). We have ready business model templates that you will copy but not everybody will match the exact same template. During your application, you will take the Business Model Test™ that we've developed and based on your results, together we'll pick a model that is best for you. Just myself, I've coached more than 300 people (and measured their results) so after you take the test I also personally double check if your result matches my prediction. Here are some of the templates that you will be able to copy:


Digital Marketing Agency

If You Love Working Remotely From Home Or Want To Set Up An Office

Target: 3 Months To $3,000/Per Month*



Business Consulting

If You Enjoy Talking To People & Giving Advice. Suitable Both For Working From Home & During Travel

Target: 6 Months To $6,000/ Per Month*



International Goods Trading

If You Love Travelling Internationally & Talking Business With People From Different Cultures

Target: 1 Year To $15,000/ Per Month*


How To Apply

The application process is simple as 1-2-3 but we have limited spots available. There is a limited number of people that we can accept, and the fact that you are reading this words, means that we haven't reached the quota for the next month yet. It will quickly change so you need to apply as soon as possible. We’ve designed your application experience to give you more taste of the Tribe and to inspire you to build your own company. 

Book An Introduction Call & Take The Business Model Test

Pick a time for your application call and fill our our Business Model Test to see which business will match you the most.

A Team Member Will Call You & Interview You

During your introduction call, you and our Business Coach will have a chat so that we can understand what you envision or are challenged with. We will also give you advice and see if you’re the right fit for the Tribal Mastermind.  

Approval & Onboarding

If Matt pre-approved your admission and if Business Coach decided that you are the right fit for the program, you will be offered a seat in the Tribal Mastermind. If you'll be accepted you'll go through our onboarding process.

Some Of The Features

Business Model Proven To Work Business Model Template That You Can Copy & Paste

Company Formation Registering an Ltd, Handling Taxes & Accounting

Banking Opening a Bank Account & Accepting International Transfers

Legal Support Copy Our Contracts, Templates & Ask Actual Lawyers Who Used To Work For Governments For Help

Business Basics Picking a niche, pricing, validating the idea

Everything Is A Funnel How to think to scale and not get drawn in "creativity" while still being creative

Accountability A System To Measure Your Progress, Milestones & Results

Cure Loneliness Access The International Tribal Communty Of Entrepreneurs Who Value Helping Each Other

Calls With Mentors Daily Calls With Mentors Specialized In Different Areas Of Business

Self-Awareness & Psychology See through the matrix. Understand yourself, your customers and your team better

Finding Customers Simple Methods To Attract Customers To Your Business

Accept Payments Settting Up Online Payment Processing Systems To Charge Your Customers Easily

Get An Internation Number & Other Tools Set Up International Phone So You Can Take Calls From Anywhere + All Other Essential Tools Explained

Sales Talking to prospects, handling objections and closing

Hiring Copy Our Proven To Work Recruitment Funnels

How To Get Accepted

We can't accept everyone because the higher the proportion of beginners to advanced members, the lower the qualty of the group. We've calculated that the healthy proportion of beginners to advanced members is 0.6183, which means that we can take up to approx. 6 beginners per 4 advanced guys. Then, as we turn beginners into advanced members, we can accept more people. We measure this quota at the begining of each month. At the moment we approve approximately 25% (a quarter) of our applicants and this number decreases as we receive more applications.  

We are not looking for dabblers but for people who are ready to quit their job and go all into business. All in means full time, which is the minimum of 30 hours a week. Also, we will only accept those are willing to share the knowledge they have with the rest of our community. We also've realized that once you start working with people within one mastermind you end up being friends for life so there is one more soft skill that we're looking for: be a cool person.  

If this sounds like you, take the chance, and apply as right now: 

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